Duclos: experience and professionality made of people

Our company’s activity started in the 1970s as a family enterprise active in the field of wood supplying.

As time went by, Duclos has diversified its production building a solid experience in the branch of wooden roof coverings and of the restructuring of civilian buildings in which wood must be the protagonist.

During the ‘90s the company expanded the service offered to floors made of precious wood, and to indoor and outdoor cladding and décors.
Today, Duclos is a modern company, ready to overcome the new challenges offered by the global market.

We are absolute leaders in the production of tailored, totally hand-made saunas.
Duclos has been introducing innovation for 40 years, investing in research to improve our production and to anticipate any possible need of our clients.
The complete processing chain of our woods is entirely traceable: from the tree in the forest, to the rough trunk, to the final product, up to the laying.

We are present – with our materials and our creations – in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Duclos is a synonym for guaranteed quality, professionality, completeness and “tailored” service.