Ski sauna & Cube sauna

CubeSauna: our line of indoor and outdoor saunas.

CubeSauna is entirely made in wood. It has been designed to resist even to the most rigid Alpine winters. It’s a versatile, modular solution perfected to its minutest details and completely customizable, with something more: CubeSauna is entirely hand-made by our master artisans here in Val d’Aosta, a land that made of woodworking its own flagship.
In the inside, all the essences are natural and without any treatment, so to ensure a total wellbeing.

The sauna equipment is extremely rich: the steam is generated by a wooden or an electric stove. On top of the stove rocks coming from local caves are placed which, once made red-hot, they determine the formation of heat. The sauna can be made electrically independent through the installment of small photovoltaic panels placed on the roof, making it possible to power the LED low energy lighting, the chromotherapy system and the musical diffusion installation inside of the sauna.