The warmth of wood under your feet

If walking on a wooden floor is already a pleasure in and of itself, Duclos makes it its own mission: we make parquets with the idea of conveying emotions of warmth, strength and above all, to allow people to rediscover the value of an antique and precious product. The at-sight patina of Duclos’ parquets is of important thickness allowing to reach up to three stages of sanding.

The pleasantness of a wooden floor is incontrovertible. We dispose of a wide range of choice between the traditional hardwood and floating floors, offered in different natural essences; our materials are particularly appreciated due to the finishing touches.

The wide range of essences allows you to choose the floor that best suits your needs. The accurate study of ambiences, the choice of the most suitable essence and the perfect laying will assure you a floor of exceptional quality.


  • Moncler Oak
  • Thermic Chestnut wood
  • Mélèze Charmat Larch
  • Spruce
  • Elm
  • Antique Oak
  • Antique Larch
  • Antique Elm
  • Antique Spruce