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CasaNaturel, an experience of comfort and wellness
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A wooden house brings wellness at all levels. Solidity, elasticity, warmth:

all words that is easy to associate with wood, a raw material rich in qualities. Technology and tradition, innovation and respect for nature merge together to mold a house, tailored to the dreams of those who live in it, in which the structural solidity joins the economic advantages in giving life to a unique product.

Wood has always been a synonym for warmth, nature, tradition, solidity. Wood has also always been a synonym for home. Just think of the stunning rascard scattered throughout the Valdostan territory, many of which could tell stories more than three hundred years long.

Duclos LegnoStrutture decided to take advantage of this raw material’s peculiarity to create CasaNaturel, the dwelling tailored on those who live it, because a home is not just a roof over the head, but a place where to breathe wellbeing.

The solidity of CasaNaturel’s structure is guaranteed by the X-LAM core, a material made of five-layer hardwood spruce panels with in parallel oriented fibers. Such panels, around 1-meter-wide and 10-centimeters thick for the bearing walls, are assembled through specific three-layer hardwood spruce stripes. These construction techniques are guaranteed to meet the strictest anti-seismic requirements, thanks to the wood’s extraordinary elasticity and mechanical resistance that, even when subject to torsion, do not crumble.

The benefits of a wooden home are not limited to its structural solidity, and the economic advantages are not just short-termed, but also medium and long-termed.

On a substantially equal cost compared to the traditional construction techniques, choosing CasaNaturel means saving, thanks to the speed of execution and to the easiness in making adjustments along the process. On a medium and long-term basis, it’s the wood’s insulation properties that guarantees the reduction of energy consumption and, thus, of the heating expenses.

CasaNaturel is a house that breathes, exactly like who lives it. Besides guaranteeing the absence of heat bridges, the wooden structure is characterized by a high permeability to steam, allowing to completely eliminate condensation. In addition to these natural properties of wood, Duclos LegnoStrutture combines the use of green-building materials aimed at protecting the house’s shell, like insulations in vegetable and mineral fibers, anti-condensation and anti-wind barriers and adhesive products to seal from drafts.

The technical details cannot fully make the idea of what it’s like to personally experience CasaNaturel, but who has spent at least one night in a wooden house like this has no doubt on it: the absence of stuffy air, muffled sounds; it’s like feeling cuddled, immersed in a welcoming shell.