Club House Courmayeur

Duclos LegnoStrutture built the Club House, a fantastic chalet that is perfectly suitable for meetings and for the entertainment of guests in a warm and welcoming environment.

Together with the new motor speedway “Royal Driving Experience”, the Courmayeur Club House creates the perfect combination between action and relax. A state-of-the-art structure that preserves, in every aspect, the charm of the most classical Alpine chalet.

The chalet accompanying the new speedway is the result of a wise and skilled intervention on a preexisting structure. It’s a typical Alpine structure, distributed on three levels: the main one, that of the lobby, characterized by a wide hall, extremely flexible to different uses. The wooden bardage sidings provide that warm, welcoming atmosphere that is typical of wood. Here, we chose an original antique variety of wood, in mixed grey and brown shades and processed with particular brushes perfectly aimed at preserving the patina, and then treated with natural wax so to guarantee our product a pleasant brightness as well as make it pleasing to the touch.

The floor is a robust termocotto oak. The different slat lengths, the heat treatment and the brushing grant our product an antique look and a foncé color, ideal to bring out the highlights and the retail furniture.

Even the frames are made of heat-treated and brushed larch, another material that, through the high heat treatment, obtains an antique look whose first patina was accurately preserved not to alter the color. The oversized chassis and the triple seals, together with the triple glasses tailor-made by a prestigious glassware shop, make these frames not only in line with the overall construction’s aesthetics, but also perfectly suitable for the mountain climate and for the rigid temperatures. Our frame’s isolation ratio obviously extends to the summer months, guaranteeing coolness without damaging the ambience’s luminosity.

The front door is an authentic self-standing piece of work. It is made of antique materials accurately chosen to grant a stunning effect, that is at the same time solid and elegant.

As regards the outdoor space, a massive structure has been built for the panoramic balcony in douglas fir hardwood, previously brushed and processed with an antiquing treatment.

The parapet’s columns are of important section and elegantly shaped, as well as the boards that compose the parapet, which were graciously decorated one by one.