Royal e Golf Courmayeur

The Royal e Golf Grand Hotel is truly a point of reference, totally immersed in the Italian Alps, to spend a relaxing and regenerating vacation. This is also thanks to its exclusive Spa, with its heated outdoor pool, the wood-burning sauna, and the fitness zone.

Located in Via Roma, Courmayeur’s downtown core, this Hotel is the most ancient one in Val d’Aosta (1854).

During its centuries-old life, the Royal has hosted prominent people: Queen Margherita of Savoy used to love hiking in the snow, and the poet Giosuè Carducci chose these landscapes to find repose and inspiration… and even nowadays the international socialites chose this hotel for a time of relax in the spirit of complete privacy.

Decking and outdoor space

A Valdostan hotel distinguishing for the high-quality level of its offer, Courmayeur’s Royal e Golf relied on Duclos LegnoStrutture for its outdoor space décor, in which the must goal was creating a location characterized by a refined design and by the use of precious materials, leaving nothing to chance.

The decking in Siberian larch wood-blocks was crafted at our own workshops. The 200 sq. meters’ structure, placed on a preexisting flooring, offers the hotel guests a pleasing and welcoming sensation and, thanks to a special anti-slip knurling, guarantees at the meantime the safety of the guests and a greater wear resistance.

This solution is perfect throughout the whole year and the changing seasons donate a wonderful “lived-in” look to wood without damaging it.

Completing the outdoor area, and absolutely in line with the surrounding background, all the furnishing complements were designed accordingly: a steel soft-lined structure with bio Saint-Moritz larch laths was used for the chairs, which offer commodity and stability and, at the same time, a sense of lightness at sight. The base supporting the sunshade umbrella – in which is evident a distant Zen influence - perfectly integrates with the scene, highlighting the seek for lightness and the communion with nature that marks the whole structure as well, where nothing is left to chance: even the potholders and the tables are incorporated with extreme wisdom in the precious context of the Hotel.


Waiting for the winter to come, and thus waiting for the snow here in Val d'Aosta, in Courmayeur's Royal e Golf – the five-star Hotel at the foot of the Mont Blanc - the great winter novelty has descended right "from the sky". Lowered through a crane and coming directly from our workshops, our CubeSauna enriches the wellness services offered by the structure, that distinguishes itself for the high quality of the offer.